Pulsed Hydraulics is a proven mixing technology for wastewater, cutting the energy used for mixing by 50% over traditional mechanical mixing equipment. COSTS LESS TO PURCHASE. COSTS LESS TO INSTALL. COSTS LESS TO OPERATE. COSTS LESS TO MAINTAIN. Period.

Pulsed Hydraulics, Inc. is a revolution that will forever change the way liquids are mixed and how tanks will be constructed. The “Hydro-Pulse” system has no moving parts in the water which means NO costly in-tank maintenance. The mixing system power requirements infinitely adjustable which results in significant energy savings. THE RESULT IS AN ENERGY SAVINGS BETWEEN 33% TO 66% OF YOUR MONTHLY ELECTRIC BILL.

- Wastewater & Mixing Anoxic and Aerobic: PHi provides effective mixing of large wastewater processing tanks at HALF THE ENERGY COSTS of traditional mixing technology. The PHi mixing technology does not entrain oxygen, yet when used with aerators can oxygenate tank contents more efficiently by keeping aeration bubbles in the liquid longer.

- Sludge Holding Tank Mixing: PHi mixes sludge holding tanks, providing homogenous blending of the contents from the very bottom of the tank. The mixing process does not add to odor release.

- Chemical Mixing: PHi quickly and effectively dilutes concentrated water treatment chemicals. With no moving parts within the tank, caustic chemicals cannot damage mixing machinery.

- Stormwater Retention Tank Mixing: PHi mixes storm water equalization tanks of unlimited size, allowing wastewater treatment plants to hold storm water until the facility is able to process and release it.

- Wet-Well/Lift Station Mixing: PHi mixes wet-wells and lift stations to suspend solids so they can be pumped out. The mixing action break apart grease caps and prevnts them from rebuilding. The PHi system can pay for itself in less than a year through wet-well cleanout cost-savings.

- Water Storage & Ground Tank Mixing: PHi mixing is the most cost-effective method of de-stratifying thermal variations in water storage tanks, allowing operators to meet the EPA's Stage 2 National Primary Drinking Water Regulations. (Components NSF compliant.

- Beverage Mixing: In a beverage facility, PHi mixes in 5 minutes what other systems do in 30 minutes.

- Fuel Mixing: PHi safely mixes any liquid in a vented take.