About ICS

Instrument and Chemical Services, Inc. is a manufacturer's representative and service/consulting firm based in Central Ohio. ICS provides its services throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia.

Larry L. Bell, President

With 37 years in the water / wastewater business, Mr. Bell has seen progression from operations to construction to sales engineering to company management to manufacturer. He wants to change the way the water / wastewater industry mixes water in order to save money and energy. He believes that we all have to do our part to save energy.

7 years experience: Field construction management & treatment plant operation in the state of Iowa
4 years experience: Hach Company as Regional Sales Engineer
4 years experience: Orion Research as Regional Sales Manager
4 years experience: Fischer & Porter Co. as Regional Sales Manager
16 years experience: President of ICS, Inc.
3 years experience: VP of Sales and part owner of PHi, a manufacturer of mixing equipment